Everyone has been asked at some point “what do you do?”. Recently that has quickly been followed with “what can you do for me?”. The individuals wish to outsource but have given me no other information.

The first couple of times I was asked this, I did not have a clue how to answer. In my head, I was thinking “ugh, umm, ahh”. I have since learned that the best thing to do is to turn it on its head.

Getting to know who you are, what you do, what your struggles are, and what you need, are a key starting point. Without that, I can not answer what I can do to assist. A virtual assistant can come in all guises.

A virtual assistant is someone who you can outsource work to, whether it be the bits you don’t have the capacity to do, you don’t like, or you can’t do. No matter what the reason there are a wealth of VA’s out there to help.

What is a virtual assistant?

The short answer is anyone who can support and assist your business virtually. A virtual assistant can be that you outsource (not employ) work too. This can include administrators, web-designers, social media marketers’ proof-readers, editors, copywriters, book-keepers. It is an umbrella term that a lot of titles can come under. Another word for a virtual assistant is a freelancer.

I specialise in general administration and proofreading. It is what I am good at, and what I enjoy. If you throw in some problem solving and process in there, all the better.

What do you need to outsource?

Before you go looking hire the first VA you come across; a good starting point is to identify what it is you want them to do. This can be done by completing my free outsourcing checklist. Once you have determined what you would like to be outsourced, it is now time to find your perfect VA.

A good thing to remember is you can outsource by the task (Pay As You Go) or have regular hours per month (retainer). You may have a member of staff going on annual leave, and you only need some of the work covered. A virtual assistant is a good way of doing that without a temp agency.

Finding the perfect Virtual Assistant

This can be easier than it sounds. Virtual assistants can be found easily by searching the internet, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and even Instagram. Best thing to do is make a connection and start a conversation. Get to know them and see if your values match.

What can I do for you?

As I stated above, I specialise in general administration and proofreading. This sounds very varied and quite a broad spectrum. The

infographic gives you an idea of what I can do.


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