Stories… We all have them.

They make us who we are; they shape our ethos, our values and the interactions we have with those around us. A business is a big part of anyone’s story, but they don’t just magically appear. Instead, they take time, commitment and for those that are successful, making the right decisions and working with the right people.

Teaching and Administration, helping others.

My own story has always been linked with a calling to improve the stories of others. It’s no real surprise that my early pull was towards education. Having earned my Bachelors Degree in Education in the mid-nineties, I have spent much of the career dividing my time between teaching and administration before undertaking the latter.

Around 2001, I became PA to four directors, each with different styles, different requirements. This is the chapter of my story where I learnt the importance of organisation, prioritising a wide range of very different tasks and balancing a busy professional life with my ongoing personal development. I also juggled leading on the Access to HE (Business Studies) course and college governor.

At this time, I was also studying to gain my HNC in business and Management, which I gained shortly after in 2002. The early 2000s’ were a busy time for me, and much of what would come to shape the next twenty years happened during that time.

In 2003 I diversified into a different role away from education, in the exports sector as an export coordinator. That role for me was a master class in accuracy. Attention to detail and organisation were essential. Proofreading, creating documentation that matched contracts perfectly and deadlines that had to be met to avoid delays in payments or goods stuck at customs borders were all a part of my daily responsibilities; for many, it might seem like a lot of pressure, but I thrived.

These skills and qualities were vital then and just important to me as a Virtual Assistant today.

Working to change lives in Health & Social Care

After maternity leave, around 2011, my focus moved to a very different sector; Health and Social Care.

Here, working in the quality and compliance department; documents, policies and procedures and audits. The department highlights the impact on how care and support are delivered to the people they support. It is also where I got a taste for Data Protection, thanks to the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

Once again, I enjoyed a role where accuracy, written communication and information governance were all vital. After a couple of years, I reviewed, updated, and rewritten policies and procedures across the organisation.

Bringing everything together as a Virtual Assistant

I was also taking steps to become a Virtual Assistant after sitting on the idea for a while, waiting for the right time to bring all my skills together.

In 2017 I went for it…

My story and my experience have given me the ability to build a trusted network that stretches way beyond the North West of England. It allows me to offer specialised services to individuals and businesses. I can also work closely with clients and colleagues alike, wherever in the world they are based.

At MJM Virtual Solutions, my specialised fields are GDPR and creating the policies and procedures that will help businesses stay compliant and ahead of their competition.

Why did I choose them? Well, in a way, they chose me…

As a tutor, a personal assistant, quality and compliance specialist and an export coordinator, handling data compliantly and ensuring policies and procedures are watertight have always been second nature. It’s no surprise that today they are areas of business that I am passionate about, both in terms of learning as much as possible and sharing that information with others.

There are more chapters to come. My goal is to continue gaining more in-depth knowledge in GDPR and quality assurance. And to offer an even greater range of specialised services going forwards. Why not get in touch to see how I can help you?

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