When it comes to the Microsoft 365 landscape, everyone has their go-to favourites. Many of us tend to stick with them.

They are familiar, easy to use and integrate perfectly with the other 365 apps we use. So why would we want to change the way of working and organising tasks that work so well?

The answer might lie in the wide range of lesser-known 365 apps and features we haven’t yet tried. They might have the potential to make life even better!

Here are just a few of them and the different aspects of your business they can help:

Customer Management

If you aren’t giving your customers the best experience possible, you risk losing them to a business.

Fortunately, a handy duo of Microsoft 365 apps can make a difference to your customer relationship management.


If your business relies on appointments, then Bookings can help. It is a web-based bookings calendar that can be embedded into existing websites and shared via links or social media.

Bookings integrates with other 365 apps such as Outlook to send reminders and is even available as a feature within Teams, allowing users to create new calendars, assign staff and manage appointments in one convenient space.

Dynamics 365

Every business generates data. Dynamics 365 is the perfect suite of tools to bring it all together and get the most out of it; when it comes to customer relationship management and driving standards of care and support, few others can compete with it.

Dynamics 365 customer support empowers users to take the right actions at the correct times. It helps businesses automate workflows and deliver fast, personalised AI support to customers, then escalations to live agents, satisfaction surveys, and real-time help and advice.

Those things are just the tip of the Dynamics 365 iceberg.

Lists & Forms

Organisation and the ability to reach out to customers and colleagues are qualities that businesses strive for in a world where every industry has seen incredible recent changes. 365 apps such as Lists and Forms are not as well known as others in the Microsoft 365 suite, but they can make all the difference.


Lists help us stay on track and get things done, and the relatively new App of the same name does just that. It is available as both a mobile and web-based app to ensure users have everything they need at their fingertips, wherever they are.

Lists are intelligent and highly flexible and can easily be created and embedded into Teams channels with templates for every conceivable requirement.


Forms is elegant and straightforward; it allows users to reach out to anyone on any device or browser for customer feedback, test knowledge, or evaluate learning.

The forms themselves can be highly customised, and integration with SharePoint lists and PowerApps can create incredibly rich and highly automated surveys, polls or quizzes with security and compliance built-in as standard.

File storage & Collaboration

OneDrive and SharePoint

As so much of the business world is working outside of their offices, the need to organise, store and share files and access them on a range of devices has never been greater for many businesses that use OneDrive. This solution works well for many and comes with a range of benefits.

However, SharePoint is a cloud-based service for any sized business that takes file storage, secure access, and collaboration to another level. SharePoint allows users to create entire sites and provides access to vital company information safely and compliantly.

SharePoint is one of the leading Intranet solutions for business, one which many of the top companies already rely upon.

Note Taking

Nearly everyone relies on notes at some time or another. What better way to jot down reminders, tasks for the day or important information we might need later. OneNote is, for many, the ideal way to organise notes, translate text and share them when needed, but there is another option with just as much potential.


Sharing thoughts, ideas, and brainstorming are crucial aspects of a successful business; Whiteboard enables a simple, no-nonsense interface. It is ideal for mobile devices and tablets, allowing users to share sticky notes, drawings, images or pasted text with a simple link.

As with so many of the apps in the Microsoft 365 environment, Whiteboard’s strength is integration. For example, as a part of Teams, it can be invaluable, a benefit that other whiteboard style apps don’t have.

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