Virtual assistants are always going on how it is better to outsource than hire employees. This week’s blog looks at just a few reasons why it is better to outsource your admin.

The average worker is only productive for …

Two hours and 53 minutes in an 8 hour day. Voucher Cloud polled 1989 UK office workers and found that staff are only

productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes a day. The distractions vary from 25 minutes making tea rounds to checking social media.

When you add in, annual leave and training days, the average admin worker is only really working for a quarter of the time.

The added cost of an employee

There are sites that can calculate how much a member of staff will cost (minus the non-productive time).  But when it comes down to it, there are several hidden costs.

The average salary for a PA is £25000, and they attend work for 37.5 hours a week. When you compare the additional costs of pension, National Insurance, insurance, equipment, training, etc.,  as well as ‘working time costs’, the total for an employee is closer to £45.9k. (I was also generous and only saying 10 mins per hour wasted, not the VoucherCloud estimate)

You can work out what the costs are of an employee using online calculators. I Googled employee cost calculator. I used this to help me with this article.

Number of days lost to Admin

An article in the Telegraph stated that UK Small businesses are spending 120 days a year on admin.

120 days!! That is the equivalent to 840 hours or 16 x 7.5 working days, that could be spent building the business. Outsourcing admin to a virtual assistant would be the equivalent of 70 hours per calendar month.

Not just admin

We are business owners too. As a result, we are invested in the success of your business.


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