This week I saw a post by Bob Evans, on LinkedIn that was about hiring someone they will help your business grow. It was about two pills (blue and yellow). Do you wait till you need staff, and can not grow any further or do you bite the bullet and hire now and build the business accordingly? Do you want extra time? Chances are it is yes to most of these. As the post said, the other person would add time and value, ensuring that you get to do what you do best.

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That got me thinking; do small business need to hire employees or do could they work with a Virtual Assistant?

The result is the same; to free up time so that you can do what you do best. But what is it you need them to do? How many hours? Chances are as a small business; the work might be ad-hoc and not requiring a full-time post. It could be just a couple of hours that could be spread across the week.

So why hire an employee? What are the costs involved for an employee? It is not just the salary that needs to be taken into account when thinking of those additional overheads.

  • Employee liability insurance
  • Recruitment costs – including your time to recruit and the lost revenue as a result
  • Training and CPD
  • Equipment
  • Additional office space
  • Annual leave, sick pay
  • Pension
  • National Insurance

What is a Virtual Assistant and what can they do?

There are many different types of VA’s, are there is no simple answer. The majority have administration backgrounds, with experience as PAs. As a result, this means we can deal with almost anything; invoicing, social media, letters, reports, research, proofreading, customer service. We have the admin/back office stuff covered.

Why not get a VA?

For: You only pay for the hours that worked.  As a result, it is easy to budget. They are self-motivated to ensure your success. Virtual assistants work remotely, so no overheads or additional travel costs to worry about. Most importantly you are building a relationship that grows with your business, providing you with valuable support for a range of skills whenever you need it.

Against: A key part of what a virtual assistant does is the ability to work remotely, so if you want someone in the office you can keep an eye on, this might not be for you.

The question is, what path would you choose and why?

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