The Pros of ‘Going Virtual’

The Pros of ‘Going Virtual’

2020 has seen a widespread change in the way businesses operate.  Virtual solutions have played a massive part in the way they have adapted and responded to the challenges they’ve faced. Working remotely has meant that has been little choice but to rely heavily on...

Time for Continuous Professional Development

If you are a parent, you may have silently cheered recently when the children went back to school after the summer break. They started a new year and enhance their learning and skills. Which got me to thinking about my learning and development. What, how, when and why...

Who do you put first?

Our lives are busy. We are wearing so many hats or juggling so many different things it is a wonder we don’t drop them. The list of jobs, chores, tasks, errands is endless. Family, children and work are usually a high priority. Are you and your wellbeing a...

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