How many people who run a business wish there were more hours in the day? Is there a way of doing things more efficiently?

There’s no magic formula for making the to-do list disappear; they come with the responsibility of being top dog.  It’s what we signed up for when making those big decisions to grow, to expand…

It’s simply unavoidable, isn’t it?

Not really, and it isn’t fair to assume so. The fact is that, while running a business is hard work, running things as efficiently as possible can make a big difference.

Reducing day to day tasks and making those vital regular tasks quick and painless to get done is the goal of automation. It is something that no business should overlook. To help, here’s a closer look at why automation can help you, what aspects of your business might benefit from greater automation and how to make a start.

Why automate?

Many people treat automation with a degree of suspicion, thanks largely to fears of job losses and replacing human teams with bots and machines. It isn’t like that. The end goal of a more automated approach to business is something else entirely.

Automation, in essence, takes business processes and makes them easier, allowing you and your team to focus on the important things, the things you need to do to add value to your business and your life away from it.

What can be automated?

Every business is different, but nearly all of them share things in common. Most have a presence on social media, for example, or reach out to customers via email, surveys and questionnaires to learn more about the people who use them.

There are also newsletters, customer support, E-commerce reminders, event registration, website traffic tracking, blogging and market research…

As you can see, the list of commonality is a long one, but thanks to automation, it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming one…

How can you benefit from automation?

Broadly speaking, a commitment to making your business as lean and efficient as possible will set you on the path to discovering the wealth of tools out there designed to help.

Many businesses already enjoy the benefits of automated first-line customer support on their websites to help with customer issues such as warranties, enquiries and returns. The AI those programs rely on is impressive enough to facilitate almost complete automation.

Sofware companies realise the importance and building automation links to other software. Think how book-keeping software and link to your bank so you can reconcile your accounts, or how social media planning tools can directly post scheduled posts at a time and date chosen. All you have to do is populate the calendar. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is another great example. CRM tools form a complete package to manage interactions with customers old and new, making customer data more organised and much easier for you and your teams to access.

There are also a range of apps that create links between software, such as Zapier, Microsoft Flow and Automate, all have the power to enhance integration and make your more complex business processes much simpler than before.


All these things can help automate your business; you can get in touch with me here for help and advice on making your business more automated, less time-consuming.

Why not make a start on reclaiming your work/life balance?


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