In the world of virtual assistants, collaboration (and not competition), is everything. We have to be skilled at working with the widest possible range of individuals and organisations to offer each the very best levels of service. But just like any business owner, we can’t do everything.

Many, including myself, collaborate with fellow VAs to build up a versatile and bespoke national team

. Some might see collaborating with the completion as foolish. For a successful virtual assistant, it really isn’t. There are several excellent reasons why not…

A collaborative network of specialists

Collaborating makes us better. It gives us a toolbox full of everything we need to serve those who depend on our knowledge and versatility. There are common services that many Virtual Assistants provide. They tend to be services such as general support, administration, and email & diary management. Each is a vital service that can make a difference to any business.

Sooner or later though, that business will need a more specialised service, and they may well look to a virtual assistant to provide it.

For myself at MJM, that service might be GDPR compliance and forming the policies that ensure a business is protected through handling data correctly. It’s a specialised area and one that many businesses need. However, it may be a service that other VAs may not offer. That’s where the sheer convenient power of the network comes in.

That same principle applies to other specialised services, such as Human Resources, payroll, finance & bookkeeping, web design, copywriting, proofreading and editing or Social Media Management.

Having a network of associates enables VAs to offer all these services to clients. You may work with many different people, but your main contact is like your office manager. There to oversee everything.

Ultimately, the winner is the customer, the businesses we serve, people like you simply because we can offer a wider, more specialised service when my clients need it.

A collaborative approach has made sure of it…

Is collaboration good for other industries?

Is collaboration just as important for other businesses?  Well, yes, there are a wide range of stakeholders linked to every business for which collaboration can have just as big an impact.

Clients and customers are the most obvious ones.  Working closely with them, learning about them and what they want and expect is crucial.

There are other stakeholders too. Many businesses rely on positive relationships with suppliers of goods and services to keep supply chains running smoothly.

Those involved in manufacturing and construction rely heavily on sub-contractors.

Over time, the trend of business networking has shown what a vital resource it can be to forge links with other local businesses, to find clients, to support each other, and build reputations.

All those things suddenly become a lot more achievable with a collaborative approach.

So while competition can be the driving force behind the need for excellent service, quality products and to rise above the competition, collaboration is nearly always the best means to achieve those things in the first place.

If you would like to get in touch to learn more, or to discuss your own requirements, you can send a message, request a call or chat via my website by clicking here.

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