For all of us, the Christmas period is a hectic time.  There are places to be, preparations to make and important decisions to take to ensure we end the current year and begin the new one in the most prepared and positive ways possible.

These things are true of life at home, but equally true for businesses, busy entrepreneurs and business owners. There is a lot to juggle in a short working month with less time for the daily running of a business and more time needed for the wealth of other commitments.

Thankfully, help is at hand when you need it the most. The festive season is the time when the services of a virtual assistant can really make your organisation shine. This Virtual Assistant’s Survival Guide to Christmas highlights just a few of the ways we can help see you and your business through those challenging few weeks…

Christmas ‘presence’

Everyone looks forward to a little time spent with friends and family over the festive season.  But, not all your customers will be doing the same. There might still be emails and important enquiries to handle, social media channels to maintain and other tasks to keep your business ticking over until the New Year.

A couple of weeks of ‘out of office’ auto-replies and silent Twitter feeds over Christmas might have a negative impact. This is where your VA can take care of things. Letting you enjoy some precious free time safe in the knowledge that your business is in good hands.

Reaching out and re-connecting

The festive season is the perfect time to reaffirm your client relationships with well-wishes or a simple thank you. But with so much else going on, few managers have the time. Ironically those that take the time to reach out can really make an impact with a personal gesture at a time when competitors might be winding down for the holidays.

A virtual assistant can source cards or e-greeting card providers, create unique personal messages and even arrange gifts for your clients before they finish for the holiday season. Ensuring your business is at the front of their minds in the New Year.

Diary and lifestyle management

Christmas is the time for traditional festive cheer but the balancing act between professional and personal can sometimes feel impossible to get right. At a time of the year when one missed detail can bring everything else crashing down, the coordination and organisational skills of a virtual assistant can change everything.

Diary management, travel plans, invitations and reminders for upcoming events and appointments are all important parts of our service; we can help your business and your festive plans whether they are private or professional.

Christmas Planning for the New Year

Recent times have seen unprecedented change, so making fresh new plans for the New Year is important. December is ‘Write a Business Plan Month’, a task that can help your business meet its goals for the future and identify new ones to guarantee growth with a clearly defined plan in challenging times.

Many small to medium business owners find the prospect of creating a business plan to be overwhelming as it can involve asking questions they simply haven’t considered. Planning for your business is always a popular resolution for the New Year but a virtual assistant has all the tools and the skills to do it for you in December, letting you start January on the right foot with a considerable advantage.

Credit control

The year’s end is the perfect time to chase up outstanding payments that have accrued throughout the year but of course, it is a task that few want to undertake at Christmas.

Starting the new calendar year with money owed though can feel even worse, so taking the time now to outsource credit control to a virtual assistant can really save time and money in the long term.

A good VA will have all the experience your company needs to sensitively and tactfully chase outstanding payments, helping you and your business to start the New Year in the best possible place financially.

If you are looking towards the Christmas period and feel you might need support, or if you’d like to enjoy some time off while your business is in good hands, then why not get in touchto learn more about the many ways  MJM Virtual Solutions can support you and your business over the festive season.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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