2020 has seen a widespread change in the way businesses operate.  Virtual solutions have played a massive part in the way they have adapted and responded to the challenges they’ve faced. Working remotely has meant that has been little choice but to rely heavily on virtual ways of working. This has made many realise there are far more pros than cons to virtual working.

As any virtual assistant already knows, though, there are a whole range of benefits that come with providing the very best levels of service, help and support to their clients virtually. It is a way of working we have perfected and honed ever since the technology to do so has been available; building up the wide range of skills and qualities we need to deliver the very best standards of versatile service.

More than ever before, businesses are discovering the benefits of virtual assistance; here are just some of them:


A virtual assistant knows that every business and individual they work with is unique, that means flexibility always forms the backbone of our ethos to serve them in the ways they need. That can-do attitude and availability that stretches way beyond the typical 9-5 keeps our clients happy, and happy clients are the best possible advertisement for our own businesses.

Flexibility is crucial to both of us!

No geographical restrictions

A fully equipped dedicated working space off-site allows a virtual assistant to deliver everything their client needs, whether they are in Warrington or Western Australia!

We don’t commute, so traffic jams, train cancellations and those monthly mileage claims are never issues you have to deal with (although we are more than happy to process them for your other staff)

A virtual assistant is there for you, a click, tap or video call away whenever you need us, wherever you might be.

Costs..? What costs!

You might consider employing a full-time staff member, but if business levels fluctuate or you rely on a particular set of skills at certain times of the month for things such as running payroll, general end of month admin or research, reports and bookkeeping, then it might be more cost-effective only to hire someone at the times you need them.

That’s where your virtual assistant comes in…

Your VA is a fully insured, multi-skilled money-saving marvel when it comes to running your business in a leaner, more efficient way. One VA can’t do everything, but that a team of VAs can. You only pay for the hours they work.

 A ‘virtually’ invisible solution

 Every reputable VA should invest in all the equipment they might ever need to deliver those levels of service that their reputation relies upon.

That means day-to-day software (and the certified training to use it), the tech to connect with you in the ways you need and the curated network of trusted contacts to provide solutions to every problem or task you might ever come across. Clients may need to give their VA access to specialist software.

We do all that from our dedicated off-site working space, quickly and efficiently, meaning your VA is always there for you with no need for office space or equipment on site.

Giving you time to focus on what really matters

Perhaps one of the greatest pros of ‘going virtual’ is the gift of time. That’s exactly what we help you enjoy more of; time to focus on the things that matter, such as expanding your business and driving new sales.

  • Are things you feel you shouldn’t be doing?
  • Are there things you haven’t got the specialised skills to do?
  • And are there things you just don’t like doing? …

Then that is where your VA can and really will make a world of difference.

Why not get in touch to learn more about the pros of ‘going virtual’ and the many ways the MJM Virtual Solutions can support you and your business?


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